What the heck is a digital passport and will it get us out of this Capital Region winter for a while? According to Travel and Leisure Hawaii is working on a potential vaccine passport or digital passport that would provide an electronic code that would grant fully vaccinated travelers access to travel throughout the state.

CheapFlights.com currently has flights from Albany International Airport to Hawaii ranging from $400 to $800 for round trip flights. This passport program could start as early as March 1st and would likely allow the Aloha State to ramp up tourism by making it easier for certain travelers to enter.

New York is a beautiful place. I love exploring Thatcher State Park, the Pine Bush Preserve and I just discovered the amphitheater at Central Park in Schenectady. I have much more exploring to do but wouldn't it be nice to head to Hawaii for the sun and sand?

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Officials are hopeful that this vaccine passport program could be expanded to mainland travelers, like you and me, by May 1st. Hawaii isn't alone, Iceland, Denmark, and others have already started welcoming fully vaccinated travelers to their shores. Time to start thinking about breaking that New York Cabin Fever!

One year ago I had never uttered the phrase "social distancing" or "isolated recreation" but today those and more are common. The "new normal" if you will. Now comes the digital passport. When you give it some thought it appears that items like concert tickets, ATM's, keys, the corner mailbox and even handshakes may be a thing of the past. The desire to travel will never go away.


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