Have you ever thought about buying and running a food truck? Being your own boss and making delicious food? I have and seriously looked into it years ago with a friend of mine that’s a master BBQ Smoker. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any experience or culinary schooling that would have guided us through the ins and outs of the food truck business.

There’s good news for people in the Capital District looking into running a food truck. SUNY Schenectady is launching a food truck program complete with a brand new classroom/ kitchen on wheels.

According to an article in The Daily Gazette, the food truck certificate program will launch for this fall session with a brand new $300,000 food truck that will show students how to run a successful food truck business.

“The college plans to formally launch the food truck and new certificate program during an event scheduled for Tuesday afternoon in the college parking lot. Smoked brisket and black bean cake, served fresh from the truck, are on the menu.”

For more information on this food truck program at SUNY Schenectady Mobile Food Service Certificate program.