Who needs to carve Slayer into their flesh when you can jump into a freezing, polluted lake instead? After a fan was kicked out of Slayer’s farewell show in Toronto, he attempted to literally swim back into the venue by diving into Lake Ontario and attempting to find some sort of back entrance.

Anthrax are opening for Slayer throughout the band’s final North American gigs, and it was Scott Ian who shared photos of the swimming fan via Instagram. “Fan of the tour,” Ian declared. “He got kicked out and tried to swim back in. Swipe left! #commitment #allin #hypothermia”

Slayer guitarist Gary Holt commented, “I tried to have someone let him back in! A for effort!!” Fozzy frontman and WWE legend Chris Jericho even chimed in with, “Hahahaha that’s something u would do Scott!” Machine Head’s Robb Flynn simply threw in some “rolling on the floor laughing” emojis and Instagram user beholdtheeye added, “Holy shit! I was right next to him and saw him get kicked out. He was fuuuuucked Up! Hahaha.”

To give the fan full credit, the water in Lake Ontario is between 40-50 degrees during the month of May, which is why he was tested for hypothermia by medical professionals. Even worse, Lake Ontario is the most polluted of the great lakes, with the Toronto end officially declared as its dirtiest spot.

Swimming Slayer guy may not have gained access back into the show, but he sure gained our respect. We hope you didn’t get e coli, dude!

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