This past weekend 'Fast Five' stormed into theaters and blew the doors off.  It set a new record for an April movie opening.


When I first saw the trailer for 'Fast Five' I knew that it was going to be a big favorite amongst fans of the franchise.  I thought that the last movie in the series, 'Fast and Furious', was pretty good.  It was way better than that stupid 'Tokyo Drift' nonsense.  Now the latest n the series isn't just a crowd pleaser with tons of star power, but it is breaking box office records.

In the US alone it's debut earnings were about $84 million.  Tack that together with it's $81 million made over seas and you have a new April record.  It blew everything out of the water as far as it's lead.  'Rio' remains in second place making just $14 million taking it's net total to $103.6 million.

It's a good thing 'Fast Five' opened when it did because one of Marvels big dog opens up this weekend.  'Thor' hits US theaters on Friday and if not for it's big lead 'Fast Five' could be left in the dust.  'Thor' has already made $93 million over seas.  It's going to be a good year for action movies.