February's Hometown Hero is an amazing young girl named Carly Waters from Schoharie.  When Carly, 9, learned that both of her sisters deal with hearing loss, she decided to turn lemons into the sweetest way to raise money for kids dealing with the same problem.  Carly's mom Marissa wrote in on behalf of her kind daughter.  Read her story and hear the call that we made to Carly surprising her with the news that she was our latest Hero!

Here is the email submission sent in to us from Carly's mom Marissa:

Carly has been working so hard.  She has designed and sold over 600 stuffed lemons to raise awareness and funds for children with hearing loss.
"After my baby sister was born last year with hearing loss, my other sister also was diagnosed a few months later. Now they both wear hearing aids! I learned hearing aids are super expensive and not all kids are able to have them. Kids who can't hear need to be able to hear if they want too!!! I want to help them hear better. I want every child to be able to own a pair of hearing aids! That's my goal this summer!"
She originally came up with the idea to do a lemon aid stand, since that required a permit Carly came up with a different plan. To use her love of sewing to design stuffed lemons to sell and help raise funds and raise awareness on behalf of her sisters and other kids like them. 

County Waste has partnered with us to honor those in our communities who are truly making a difference.

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