Don't throw out those empty shipping boxes from your holiday gifts! Instead fill and ship them with donations for the Goodwill at zero cost to you.


Looks like you can now put all those empty shipping boxes to good use!Online shopping sure has made our busy lives a lot easier in recent years. I mean how do you go wrong with getting the stuff you need or want at a reasonable price and it get gets delivered right to your front door!?!

But you know, all those shipping boxes really start to add up. Not to mention the amount of stuff you have in your house. The kids are getting older and out growing their clothes and toys, technology is advancing and you are upgrading some of your devices. Well now you can donate all the things that you aren't using anymore at the same time you are getting the new stuff in, using the same shipping boxes, at no cost to you!

According to Good Housekeeping (don't judge me)

If you go to, you can print a free shipping label from USPS to send a box of donations to Goodwill.

Then you can take it to the post office or UPS store to send it to Goodwill. They'll even help you print the labels out if you don't have a printer at home! And if you're really strapped for time and can't make it to the store you can even make arrangements for USPS to pick up the boxes from your house!

As someone who had to move twice this year and donated sooooooo much stuff to the Goodwill trust me when I say it really doesn't get easier than this.

You can actually use any box you have around the house or re-use any shipping boxes from their partners that include: