Picture yourself hanging out in your backyard with Jimi Hendrix wailing 'let me stand next to your fire'. You can do exactly that thanks to freelance artist Brian Marselli who re-engineers objects into functional art. Like say a fire stove that burns with the likeness of Jimi Hendrix.

Brian Marselli

Marselli is creating freestyle art 24/7/365 and he started when he was a kid. His first professional piece was created while in high school with a mural of Eddie of Iron Maiden on the hood of a car.

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I knew I wanted to do it forever. Started at 7 or 8 with drawing classes in Cromwell, CT. My high school art teacher planted seeds that continue to grow. When I get an idea I don't stop until I get it - Marselli 

As for the Hendrix stove and a Jim Morrison stove, Brian literally cut the off the top of a 5 gallon fuel tank and used one big bulky grinder to carve Jimi's image into the side of the tank.

Marselli was influenced by the tension that started to build in 2020 with the riots, protests and divide. He couldn't help but reflect on what was and is going on around him. It reminded him of the 1960's and the artists that helped keep people together at that time.

Brian Marselli

John Mellencamp once said that once his songs are written they aren't his anymore, it belongs to everyone. Every time a piece of Marselli's art leaves, a little piece of Brian goes along with it.

Check out Brian's YouTube channel Raven and Gear and his participation on the Netflix show Amazing Interiors where he turned a church into a steampunk fantasy land. Brian also has a book available on Amazon, "Hidradenitis Suppurativa - All I have left is my story.".

Freestyle Art by Brian Marselli

Artist Brian Marselli creates unique pieces of art out of items you may have around the house.

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