Well this is just great. Now where am I going to get shampoo and those little soaps? Buy them full size at a store? What am I, a Rockefeller? I'm just glad those little bottles don't contain vape juice...can you imagine the panic?

No seriously, the latest thing that New York State lawmakers want to ban is those little plastic bottles of shampoo, lotion and soaps that you get at hotels. I get it, it creates a ton of plastic waste to the tune of 27.4 million plastic bottles every year in New York City as reported in The Times Union. Those little bottles are so convenient when traveling though....and they make a great backup if you run out of shampoo.

Instead of those little plastic bottles hotels would be required to install refillable soap/ shampoo dispensers in their bathrooms and showers.

I recently stayed at a Holiday Inn (and I think that makes me an expert, right?) and they already had the dispensers in their rooms. They worked great. However, the lid to the soap/shampoo dispenser wasn't locked or secured in any way. Anyone could just remove it and dump God knows what into the dispenser. Think NAIR HAIR REMOVER in your shampoo! It's unfortunate you have to think this way, but that's the world we live in now.

If this law is passed hotels in New York would have to do away with single use plastic soap/shampoo bottles by 2023....so we've got a little over three years to stock up on as many as we can grab on our next vacation!