As 2018 approaches, I have to say that there were some phenomenal music releases in 2017.  From reissues to new albums, no part of me was disappointed with rock music this year.  I asked you guys on Q103's Facebook page what your favorite releases were, and got some great answers from Linkin Park's "One More Light" to K.Flay's "Every Where Is Some Where."  And for the person who asked if we remember who Papa Roach is- the answer is yes, because they are still in rotation (I know because I just talked about them on-air last week)!  And they did in fact have a great album release this year too, which I loved!  It was hard to get down to my Top 5 of 2017, but these are my picks:


  • 1

    "Concrete and Gold" - Foo Fighters

    As a Foo Fighters album, it did not disappoint.  It gave me a feeling of that classic "Foo" sound with new material, pulled in big name backups, and gave me anticipation with each song release.  I can say that I am a solid fan of this album, and to me, these guys can do no wrong!

  • 2

    "Master of Puppets"- Metallica [Reissue]

    I don't care if this albums been out for years.  The reissue came out this November, and it's in my Top 5.  Metallica could reissue this album every year and it would still probably be in my Top 5! Pure and simple. I love them and their rock stands the test of time, still dominating today.

  • 3

    "Southern Blood"- Gregg Allman

    The 8th and final studio album for Gregg Allman, this one's in my Top 5 because 1) it's Gregg Allman and 2) the emotions surrounding it. There's something about the wailing guitar opening "My Only True Friend" and the funky piano and guitar of "Love Like Kerosene" that are both igniting and morose.  There's an energy that Gregg's music creates, and a sadness that I'll get to see that live again.

  • 4

    "Graveyard Shift"- Motionless in White

    Everything about this album is an amalgamation of 1990's Nine Inch Nails, Prodigy, Marilyn Manson, and Korn.  It's got all of the elements of great 1990's rock, which created an instant obsession.  I've been listening to it on repeat for a good six months now.

  • 5

    "From the Fires"- Greta Van Fleet

    Released in November of 2017, this album opens with "Safari Song" which makes you question if you accidentally put on a Led Zeppelin record.  Don't believe me? Take a listen and judge for yourself.

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