Foreigner leader Mick Jones said that he and former singer Lou Gramm have been working up songs based on “old ideas” and that the results could appear on a new EP.

The onetime feuding pair’s relationship has improved since they appeared together for induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2013, leading to Gramm’s guest appearances with the current Foreigner lineup.

“I think both of us, it made us reflect a little bit on what we had and the wonderful moments we've had together, and it was very emotional,” Jones told Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon (via Blabbermouth). “And that's kind of where we picked up the relationship a bit more, after that, and gradually we figured it would be great if we could do something like this for the fans, so we launched into it, and it was very successful. The band, the old and new members, got on like a house on fire, as did Lou and the current singer, Kelly Hansen. So it was kind of magical in a way. I just couldn't quite figure it. But it really did. And it really was very emotional and uplifting.”

Asked about the chances of recording with Gramm, the guitarist replied, “There are several ideas in the works. We've really just taken a sabbatical for the last few months, and we're getting back in the saddle, as it were, which we've been doing for the last few years. And we have a couple of tracks that we've had mulling around for a little while. And Lou and I have been listening to some old ideas that we had. There's a possibility or a chance of incorporating these in whatever format we decide to release it in. It might even be an EP. We're gathering material as we speak."

Jones also took the time to reflect on having worked with Gramm and Hansen. “I'm very fortunate in that way. I think just the nature of the songs, the range it takes to sing them, and the depth, emotionally, to put them across, it almost requires more than one singer, in a way,” he said. “But both of them could, obviously, carry the set.” He added that more reunion performances were also being considered. “The crowd seemed to enjoy it, everybody in the band enjoyed it, Lou, I know, had a ball. It's just funny how life takes these little twists and turns, and at the moment, we're on a good twist and a good turn.”

In a recent UCR interview, Jones reported that there were "about 10 or 12" tracks under consideration. "I don’t quite know when we’re going to have a chance to do that," he said, "but it wouldn’t be before the fall."

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