We have decided to start up a podcast here at The Q for fans of wrestling.

I always have been an avid fan of professional wrestling, whether you want to sit here and tell me it's fake or not. It is entertainment. Maybe it's even a male soap opera. Also, no I do not just watch it for the men in tights. Whether it be the compelling story lines, the elaborate entrances with pyrotechnics, the loud music, or the matches themselves, wrestling is and will always be appointment watching for Dan America, Tig and myself.

Whether you are a casual fan or a die-hard one like us, I believe this can appeal to you. In this first episode, we establish a rating system of "Face or Heel" to judge the latest topics in the world of professional wrestling. Heel means we despise it and face means we love it. Beyond that, we will be in every episode going over some of the storylines WWE is putting out there. We'll also discuss hot topics every week. This past week we talked about the CM Punk hoopla. Give it a listen and tell us what you think. Use hashtag #FMWP when talking about it on social media to help us find your comments.