Right now gas is about .72 cents higher than it was at this time last year and sources say that we could see prices jump another .50 cents very soon.

If you drive you know that we have been getting shafted at the gas pumps for a few years now.  We saw the prices go down a little bit, but now the prices are sky rocketing once again.  Locally the average gas price is around $3.55, a jump of .17 cents in the last few days.  That is the highest average for this time of the year in this area ever.  There are a few things to blame for the sudden rise is gas prices.  One is the price of a barrel of oil is now over $100.  They don't expect that cost to go down anytime soon.  So why has the cost of oil gone up?  They are blaming that on the unrest in the middle east.

The situations in Libya are not only hurting them, but now it's starting to hurt us and our wallets.  Around the rest of the US we are seeing averages around $3.83 per gallon, so at least we aren't seeing that in the Capital region, not yet anyway.  Experts say we could see gas rise another .50 cents and that's not even including the jacked up prices around labor day.  Some gas stations around Los Angeles are seeing prices above $4 right now.  It is getting to be absurd.   I don't know what big oil is thinking.  The unfortunate part is that we all need to drive, so we need gas.  But maybe if we drove less and car pooled when we can big oil will start to feel a pinch and lower the insane prices.