Like we didn't see this coming, but this bad? Gas prices will be on the rise for the holiday weekend and be at their highest since 2008.

So if you are headed out on the road this weekend, be prepared to pay just a little more at the pump.

Prices will average out nationally around $3.83, which is 17 cents higher than last year. Granted, it's not the 2008 price of $4.11 but it's still not exactly easy to swallow.

For comparison, USA Today listed the current averages against last year's at this time:

  • $3.68 vs. $3.51 (regular grade)
  • $3.86 vs. $3.70 (mid-grade)
  • $4.03 vs. $3.86 (premium)
  • $3.90 vs. $3.83 (diesel) reports that prices in the Capital Region are in the range of (low end) $3.68 to (high end) $3.99. You can expect that price to rise as we get closer to Friday.


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