Senator Charles Schumer is personally asking that G.E. starting building new wind turbines right here in the Capital Region.

According to the Times Union, Schumer called G.E. CEO Larry Culp Jr. and ask him to build a new offshore wind turbine on the shores of the Hudson River.

The move would create hundreds of new tech jobs and would work into Governor Cuomo's goal of more "green" jobs for New York. The proposed manufacturing and distribution would be built by the Port of Albany on land along the Hudson River.

Obviously, G.E. has a long history here in the Capital Region and it seems like the Hudson River would be a great area for the manufacturing and the shipping of the huge assemblies that make up offshore wind turbines.

I lived in Omaha for 15 years and there is a large wind turbine manufacture there. It brought great tech jobs to the area, but it also brought traffic headaches due to shipping the huge pieces of the turbines. You don't realize how HUGE those windmill blades are until you see them up close. Believe me they just case a traffic nightmare when they try to deliver them across the country.

Building them by the river and then being able to put them on a barge and ship them would be great. No huge traffic issues and great paying jobs for the Capital Region. Sounds like a win/win to me.

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