In February earlier this year, Black Sabbath performed the final show of their lengthy farewell tour in their home town of Birmingham, England. It's all been chronicled on The End live album and film and the band's members are looking ahead at potential new projects, meanwhile Ozzy Osbourne has resumed his solo career. Geezer Butler, who recently moved, has stockpiled new riffs and remains open to Sabbath hitting the stage again, despite the band having putting an end to their influential career.

Speaking about the finality of it all and what else is coming down the pike, Butler told Rolling Stone he has "about 120 riffs written down," noting he still has to "pick a guitarist and sort through them." The end of Sabbath was bittersweet as heavy metal's godfathers were forced to embark on the farewell run due to Tony Iommi's ongoing cancer battle, which rendered life on the road too grueling to continue. "If it were up to me, we'd still be touring now. It was because Tony's illness that we limited it to 81 dates. I would have gone on forever, if I was allowed to. If a one-off worked out, I'd be on board. Otherwise I'm happy to let things lie," said the bassist.

"You think it's never going to come and suddenly it's there, and you've finished," Butler added when addressing the emotional side of Black Sabbath's final performance. "It's just too much to take in at the time. During the gig, you're just thinking about if you're going to make a mistake or that your amps will blow up or something, and it's hard to realize it's going to be the last day of the gig. It wasn't until I got home, when all the hype was over, that I thought, 'Oh, yeah, that's it. That's the end,'" he wrapped up.

While Sabbath's members remained steadfast that this was indeed a farewell tour, it's also been made clear that the demands of large scale touring were the deciding factors, much less the desire to just be done with it. In November of last year, Iommi told Chris Jericho he wouldn't write off the possibility of a one-off Sabbath performance or even a new album, reiterating that being on the road was the problem.

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