We all take to the skies once in a while to get where we need to go.  To bad that we can't leave the germs behind.  The USA Today did a study on what parts of a plane have the most germs.


Spring break is approaching for a lot of students, and that means everyone is getting ready to travel with friends and family all over the country and world.  Personally I am terrified of flying but as long as the doc hooks me up with some meds, I'm calm cool and collected.  Now however it looks like I will have to be fearful of catching some kind of deadly virus, ok maybe not deadly, but germs on airplanes are pretty gross.  The places that you will find these germs are in spots where you would hope that maybe they would wash a little more.

Obviously the place with the most germs is the airplane bathroom.  Not a big surprise.  There is an awful lot of gross going on in there.  On a separate note, can people please wait to drop a deuce?  Seriously, the stinks after you do that but I digress.  The study done showed that E coli was present on almost every surface of the bathroom.  Maybe you'll think twice before trying to enter the mile high club next time.  Even if you end up washing your hands, the door handle has just as many germs thanks to scumbags who choose to not wash up after.

I would never think twice about having to take my shoes off for security, but that is actually the next germiest place on our journey.  People tromping through there all day sneezing, coughing, some of them barefoot and they are leaving behind piles of nasty.  One of the easiest things to pick up from this is a foot fungus so they recommend wearing socks.

So you're getting a little restless in last bit of your flight and decide to pick up the little in flight magazine they have nicely provided you, bad move.  Because of the jerks who don't wash their hands in the bathroom (the germiest place) those germs are now all over the magazines and menus at the seats.  That's pretty gross.  You can almost guarantee that those are not being cleaned.  How often to do wash your reading material at home?  The water fountain is also a big germ spot, do I even need to elaborate on that?

Now this is something I find pretty disgusting.  The airline pillows and blankets are also full of germs.  So think about that next time you want to rest your head.  They aren't washed as often as you would think and are used over and over.  Whenever I travel I bring my own pillow, then I'm assured to only get my own germs back.  You should also wash your pillow once you have used it on the plan to avoid the germs, you were already trying to avoid.   When it comes to avoiding germs on the plan they say that your best defense, is common sense.  Nicely said.