Ready for summer? We have gotten the taste of a few nice days as of late. Well, they won't last. It is going to get brutal!

Weather Channel is reporting that summers are going to be a scorcher for parts of the US. Parts of New York are expected to see the most drastic difference from last year. What part? You already know, the Capital Region.

I am one of those people who complains about it being bitter cold, and I also can be loudly heard complaining about it being extremely hot. Spring and Fall are my two seasons. I love being able to walk out in shorts and a t-shirt, and not feel over dressed. Last year on many days, I felt like I was walking around in Central Africa with the heat.

Enough complaining, there is a lot of science and meteorology that goes into these predictions, for more on that from our friends at the Weather Channel and NYUP. Click here.

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