Blood of Christ anyone???

The Swedish occult rock band known as GHOST have branched out beyond their music making (and Grammy award winning) capabilities and are now manufacturing their very own brand of Italian red wine called Papastrello.

Blabbermouth has Papa Emeritus III, the current incarnation of the front man for the band, speaking about the wine saying:

They say that this wine is the blood of Christ? I would argue otherwise. It's fermented grapes. That's all. Very nice fermented grapes… but fruit nonetheless.

Now I have to be honest and say that I am not the biggest fan of wine. I'm trying hard to learn to like wine but I'm definitely not past like the semi sweet white wine phase, especially if it does not have a high alcohol content. But if GHOST wanted to bring a couple bottles of their 13.5% Papastrello to Rock'N Derby next month at the Schaghticoke fairgrounds I would be more than happy to sample it!
Of course you know that GHOST is one of somewhere around 50 bands that will be playing the three day festival next month. If you haven't got your tickets yet it's probably about time you do so. You can get them HERE. You can also listen to the Q to win tickets to the show! Make sure you keep an ear out for the Rock'N Derby artist of the day, when you hear them played be caller 103 and we'll hook it up with single day passes to the festival and qualify you for the Ultimate Rock'N Derby Experience! You can learn all about that one HERE!