Generally, the idea of frankincense, robes, and stained glass windows tend to bring me back to my childhood. In my Ukrainian Orthodox Church, traditions cut no corners, and the second you walk through the wooden church doors you feel transported back in time hundreds of years.

Last night, Ghost changed all of that. With a set that included flowing robes, full face paint and masks, a frankincense diffuser, and a backdrop resembling stained glass windows, Ghost took over the Palace Theatre. From the moment the chords began to play, and the band entered the stage, the Palace was transformed into a sinfully perfect exhibition of Rock and Roll. In the same fashion as rock band Avatar's live show has now caused me to picture them every time I see a circus, I can confidently say that Ghost left a lasting mark on me.

Opening with "Square Hammer," the band played a succinct but powerful set speckled with their hits. At points, fans sang along in unison, while at another confetti exploded from the ceiling and flew over the amazing rocking Albany crowd. Each song left me begging for what would come next, and the entire show gave me an opportunity to escape reality and be sucked into a world of rock gods and the occult.

I honestly can't imagine how amazing the experience of seeing Ghost open for Iron Maiden will be this year, because Ghost alone was sinful enough to satisfy my musical appetite. Here's to another rocking show in Albany!

Credit: Tatiana
Credit: Tatiana