Photo Credit - Joe Smith
Photo Credit - Joe Smith

A Christmas lights display in Oswego County is getting a lot of attention. And not all of it is good.

Joe Smith placed a giant 30 foot Johnson on his front lawn, complete with blue balls. "All my neighbors, as far as I know, get a good kick out of it," said Smith. "One of my neighbors has a trail cam in his woods and it was picking it up on pictures."

But not everyone thinks it's funny. "There are some negative comments about it too," said Smith. "I have a feeling I’ll have to take it down due all the people that can’t take a joke."

This isn't the first year the 28 year-old has put up the giant display up but it's the first year it's gotten so much attention. It started on his roof after a dare a few years ago. "It’s stuck since then but this is the first year it’s really took off."

This year Smith moved the display from his roof to the front lawn but it's not lit up every night. Smith is in the process of moving from his home in Hastings to Watertown, New York. "I'll light it up Friday through the weekend when I'm back packing boxes."

You can see the display in Hasting. Just head to Ball Road. You can't miss it. And you can't make that up. A giant lit up Johnson, with blue balls, on Ball Road. "With how messed up things are now a days with the coronavirus, I think we all could use a good laugh," Smith said.

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