In attempt to make the Capital Region a safer place Victory Church is offering "Gifts for Guns" this December.

This is not a debate about guns and it is not an attack of our 2nd amendment rights, rather this is an appeal for a safer Albany area with something in return. The gun buy back program is specifically designed to remove illegal handguns from the streets and add some money to your pocket.

This is how it works. If you have an illegal, operational handgun you are encouraged to take it to Victory Christian Church in Albany any Saturday in December. Hand in the gun and they will hand you a $150 gift card. No questions asked. According to News 10 the gift cards are for a variety of retail locations including Walmart and Best Buy.

Members of the church will even come to you and collect the guns if you would rather not bring them in. Call them at 518-434-6100 for arrangements. If you are planning to bring the firearm to the church directly please do so between 10a and 2p on Saturday.

In the first week of collections they have been able to get 21 illegal guns off the streets.

I have never owned a handgun. I haven't even held one in my hand so I am no expert on that subject. It just seems to me that logic and common sense would tell me that we would all like to see the removal of "illegal" guns from the Capital Region. The Victory Christian Church at 118 Quail Street in Albany is giving us more than gift cards. They are giving us the chance at a safer Albany County. I'm good with that.



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