Christmas cookies are something that you look forward too every single year.  Whether it's making them, decorating them or eating them it's something that you love to do.  So which Christmas cookie is superior?  The gingerbread man, or the sugar cookie? 


The talk has raged on for years, but no conclusion has ever been reached.  Well the day has come to find our once and for all, which Christmas cookie is the best.  We have two classics here.  The gingerbread man and the sugar cookie.  So simple, yet so divine.  It wouldn't be Christmas without eating at least a dozen or so of each.

In this battle of sweetness only one true winner can emerge and it's your job to vote on it.  Now the gingerbread man is delicious, and you can make him wear pretty much what ever you like.  Just don't mess with his gum drop buttons.  So does the sugar goodness of the sugar cookie have what it takes to catch this gingerbread man and pound him into the ground?  Vote now!