The Grammy's were very entertaining last night. Eminem and Dr. Dre, Lady Antebellum, Arcade Fire closing out the show, the performances were top notch....well except for one. And I'm looking at you Lady GaGa.

 If her new tune isn't an exact ripoff of Madonna then it is as close as Vanilla Ice adding an extra beat to "Ice Ice Baby" and claiming he didn't rip off Queen"s "Under Pressure" in 1990. Also the lyrics to "Born This Way" are simple cliches that, although her heart may be in the right place, make the song seem, well, cliche.

 And finally, her arrival. This is 2011. It is hard to shock anymore and being carried to the Grammy's in an egg may not be normal, it wasn't really all that impressive or artistic. My only hope is that her emerging from the egg signifies the birth to the end of her career. Give me true talent over a painted pig anytime.