Green Day have issued the third (and seemingly final) video trailer and cover reveal for their upcoming album trilogy, ‘¡Uno!,’ ‘¡Dos!’ and ‘¡Tré!’ This one is for — you guessed i — ‘Tre!’

The clip is 30 seconds long and features the album cover at the end, which boasts the face of drummer Tre Cool with bright pink Xs over his eyes. There’s bright blue circles behind him, giving it a psychedelic feel. The artistic direction of this cover is similar to the two that precede it, which makes sense, since the albums are a unified trio.

The footage finds the band working in the studio, surfing in the ocean, riding in cars, rocking in the pit and skateboarding in the park, all noble pursuits for grown up punk rockers about to issue an ambitious trio of albums.

The clip offers a vivid, first person perspective and panoramic viewpoint of Green Day the band in the space of a half-minute.

‘¡Tre!’ drops on Jan. 15 of next year. It is preceded in fall 2012 by ‘¡Uno! on Sept. 25 and ‘¡Dos!’ on Nov. 13. Watch the ‘¡Uno!‘ trailer and cover reveal here. When you’re done, check out the ‘¡Dos!‘ trailer and cover reveal.

Watch the Green Day ‘Tre!’ Trailer and Cover Reveal

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