Welcome to another animated Epic Rock Tale! In this episode, former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Gus G. recalls the time he took a “sleeping pill” from Ozzy and found himself stoned into oblivion.

During Gus G.’s tenure with Ozzy Osbourne, the Firewind guitarist got to play some of metal’s most celebrated music to gigantic crowds. Gus would be so filled with adrenaline after the shows that he started suffering from insomnia, just staring at the ceiling for hours while trying unsuccessfully to get some sleep.

Ozzy Osbourne offered Gus some medical help on multiple occasions, but the guitarist would always politely decline. However, after one too many sleepless nights, Gus finally relented. Ozzy handed over one of his “light” sleeping pills, which finally gave Gus the rest he was looking for.

Turns out Ozzy’s sleeping pill wasn’t so “light” after all, because Gus slept all the way until Ozzy’s lobby call of 5:30pm! Not only that, but Gus was still stoned out of his mind once he made it to Ozzy’s plane. Gus couldn’t hide his buzz from The Boss, with Ozzy laughing before screaming, “You’re f—king stoned!” The tour manager quickly took Gus aside and asked why on earth he’d ever take a pill from Ozzy Osbourne. Lesson learned.

Check out Gus G.’s Epic Rock Tale in the clip above and watch more new episodes of the animated series below!

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