Over the weekend I went to see the new movie Source Code starring Jake Gyllenhaal and it was nothing short of awesome!


I never really thought of Jake Gyllenhaal has an action star, but he continues to prove me wrong with some of his more recent performances.  I always thought of him as more of a dramatic actor of the screen especially with his roles in Donnie Darko and Jarhead.

Last year he starred in The Prince Of Persia and this year he is in the action suspense thriller Source Code.  Now I knew that this movie was going to be interesting but I didn't expect it to be the awesome ride that it was.  There were different twists and turns throughout the entire film and a big one right in the middle that made my jaw drop.

The whole concept of the movie is that you can take a person and project them into a person who has recently died and find out what happened in the last 8 minutes of their life, and use that to find out future information.  The person you are transported into is the Source Code, a new style of weapon that the government can use to counter terrorist attacks.  The whole thing is brilliant.  Gyllenhaal is terrific in his double role has Captain Colter Stevens who is put into the body of Sean Fentress who is the unfortunate casualty of a terrorist attack.  Along side of Gyllenhaal is actress Michelle Monaghan, his love interest and Vera Farmiga, the air force officer who helps him through his Source Code experience.

Can I just say that Michelle Monaghan is ridiculously cute in this film?  I think I may developing yet another celebrity crush.  Not only a terrific performance out of her but she is beautiful the whole time too.  If you're looking for a movie to see and like some fun, action and a few twists and turns than Source Code is for you.