Grandma's Pies & Restaurant has been an icon in Colonie since 1976. It's a Thanksgiving tradition to get your holiday pie from Grandma's Pies. Well, it looks like that tradition won't continue.

According to the Times Union, the owner of Grandma's Pies & Restaurant, Alex Morales, said that that Sunday, Aug. 9 was the last day of business for Grandma’s. Alex Morales has owned Grandma's for about two years and also owns La Fiesta Mexican restaurant in Colonie. The two restaurants are just down the block from each other.

Apparently, like a lot of businesses around the Capital Region, it was the coronavirus pandemic that caused the closing of Grandma's Pies & Restaurant.

Taking a look at Grandmas's Pies & Restaurant's Facebook page and website there's no mention of the closing, but it's being reported by several sources including "Table Hopping" in the Times Union.

So, now where are we going to get our delicious pies for the holidays? Seeing cars lined up and police directing traffic for families to pick up their holiday deserts was a Colonie sight that people just expected.

Maybe another Grandma's Pies and Restaurant will be bought by another owner and the Colonie tradition will continue. At least we can dream.

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