Is Jim Carrey the latest celebrity to lose his mind?  His behavior is becoming increasingly weirder and weirder so is he going crazy, or just seeking out attention?

Actor Jim Carrey has always been a bit of a nut job, but lately he has been being a weirdo off the screen.  A couple weeks ago he posted a really creepy video of him professing his love for much younger actress Emma Stone.  Maybe he was just kidding around, but it was not very funny just plain creepy.

In his latest episode of crazy he was spotted outside of his home spray painting graffiti on the side of it.  When all was said and done, he left behind the initials 'FFC'.  Who knows what that means, but no sane person dirties up their own home like for no reason.  There are only a couple explanations I can think of for him dong this.

  1. He's gone crazy
  2. He's seeking attention
  3. He's screwing with everyone and preparing for a movie role of some kind

Either way, I think he needs to chill out.  He is just making everyone think he is a weirdo, not a funny man.  Remember when Joaquin Phoenix did his crazy act and it all turned out to be fake for a mocumentry?  Yeah, people still just think he's a douche.