Hellyeah's latest album, Unden!able, is the most emotionally varied in the band's growing catalog, capable of expressing vein-popping rage, words of empowerment and, in the case of "Love Falls," heart-wrenching sadness. The music video for this track (seen above) plays on these themes with arresting visuals.

The focus here is placed on a tattooed couple, first showing a woman rising from bed, getting ready for the day. Pressing the edge of a straight razor into her thumb as she looks in the bathroom mirror, a splash of blood falls into the water in the sink as Chad Gray sings, "Have you ever cut yourself to see if you still bleed?"

Images of the couple rolling around in a bed covered in white sheets show happier times as the two laugh together. As the video rolls on, we get more of the narrative as the two argue, leading the man to rip a necklace from the woman's neck, walking away and shutting the door behind him. The story gets increasingly somber as this woman then stands on a chair, wrapping a white sheet acting as a noose around her neck.

When drummer Vinnie Paul stopped by our studio, we discussed the themes of Unden!able, to which the skinsman stated, "I really love the heaviness of this record, the depth of the lyrics that Chad came with — just the songs overall I think are really, really the best songs we've ever written," He also went on to call Grey "a very emotional dude."

Hellyeah have proudly represented their home state of Texas and will embark on a five date run through the state before venturing off to Europe for just over a month. Support will come from, fittingly, Sons of Texas in addition to The Crowned. Following these dates, the next stateside appearance the band has booked is a spot at this year's Chicago Open Air festival. Get the details and see who else is playing at our 2017 Guide to Rock + Metal Festivals.

Hellyeah 2017 Tour Dates

3/1 — Amarillo, Texas @ Midnight Rodeo
3/3 — El Paso, Texas @ Speaking Rock Casino*
3/4 — Lubbock, Texas @ Wild West
3/5 — Houston, Texas @ House of Blues Chicago
3/7 — Corpus Christi, Texas @ Brewsters
*Free show (first come, first serve)

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