So, when it comes to the New York plastic bag ban, can I reuse all those plastic bags I've been saving? I bet I have at least 100 or more shoved under my kitchen sink that I use for all sorts of things. Once the bag ban goes into effect, can I bring my old plastic bags to the grocery store and use them, or do I have to buy the reusable bags?

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

According to an article in that was the most asked question about the plastic bag ban. Grocery store chains were split on whether or not to allow customers to use old single use bags. Some said it was fine to bring them and some said no way.

Now the state has weighed in: The ban, known officially as the Bag Waste Reduction Act, says stores are not allowed to prevent anyone from using a bag of any kind that they bring in to carry away goods, according to the Department of Environmental Conservation. The ban goes into effect March 1st, but some stores have already eliminated single use plastic bags.

There ya go. Looks like I'll be "THAT" guy in line at Hannaford with a pile of old plastic bags.

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