In this episode of Hollywood Blockbuster Video I review Rocky IV with this young lad named Jordan who is a Packers fan, so his opinion may not matter it all depends on how much cheese he has in his head.

One thing I forgot to mention about Rocky IV is a warning, or tip, you decide.

I once had a friend who was being bullied at the neighborhood basketball court, he kept getting beat up by the same kid. One day my friend watched Rocky IV and got all pumped up and decided to go to the basketball court to find his bully and give him a taste of Rocky IV and he did, he beat up his bully good and was never bothered again.

Why is this a warning?

If you watch Rocky IV you will get all pumped up and unlike my friend you may not be on your way to face a bully, you could be on your way to face your: Boss, Mother-In-Law, Father-In-Law, Cousin, Teacher, A Green Bay Packers Fan, A Priest, A Nun.... The point is you may get yourself too pumped.

Why is this a tip?

If you're going to go fight your bully, watch Rocky IV first.

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