I remember hearing about this toll system a few years ago. I have yet to travel through Massachusetts, but it seems many have and now owe them some dough.

You may recall hearing about the toll system or have even encountered it yourself. It is one Cuomo even has proposed for New York as well. Taking booth attendants out and forcing people to have an EZ Pass type thing or get a bill. There is the issue, the bill. When someone from say Pennsylvania or even New York travel on the Massachusetts Turnpike, they will incur a bill sent to their residence.

Those bills have added up to a whopping figure owed to Massachusetts. $15 Million dollars. Holy hell!!! According to News 10 much of it will never be collected.

I say this if you paid a good handful of booth attendants that money would have been collected. Sure you would have had to pay someone to do it but you would have made money.