Step 1: Don't do any research, just make assumptions about Canada based on what you have learned from American media.

Step 2: Tweet at Tila Tequila and ask her how to celebrate Canada Day, she will not respond but at least you tried to check with a credible source.

Step 3: Drink Canadian beer, not just because it's Canada Day, because Canadian Beer always has more alcohol content then American beer.

Step 4: Watch Canadian Professional Wrestling: Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Chris Jericho, Lance Strom, Val Venis, Luna Vachon, Rick Martel, Tyson Kidd, Sammy Zayn, Kevin Owens, The Missing Link, Roddy Piper, Christian, Edge, Natalya and Trish Stratus.

If I left anyone out, there may be a reason why, but if you're a true wrestling fan then you will troll me in the comments.

Step 5: Drink more Canadian beer.

Step 6: Drink Canadian whiskey.

Step 7: Watch this video about Canada Day.

Step 8: Have a shot of Canadian whiskey with a Canadian beer whiskey, then tell people what you have learned from this video.

Step 9: Keep drinking until you sound Canadian.

Step 10: After you vomit watch a John Candy movie and enjoy a cheese burger.

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