I’ve wined and dined in the Garden of Eden brother, I’ve hung and bung on the titanic but what you going to do when Hulk “Hogan’s Beach” Come for you?

According to the Huffington Post the Hulkster himself is raising the marketing game again. He already has the Hulk Hogan Thunder Mixer, Hogan Energy drink, microwavable cheeseburgers, Hogan Vitamins, little kid weight lifting sets, rent a center commercials and sweet night vision sex tapes. Along with these awesome products starting New Years Eve you can chalk up 'Hogan’s Beach' to the list. Hogan’s Beach will be Hulksters new beach front restaurant featuring women with breast the size of pythons and just a little more clothing as Giant Gonzalez wore.

Call me bias if you want, but I cannot wait to eat at this place. I already have the expectations that instead of chairs all the tables are weight benches. The dress code for guest should be spandex and spaghetti strap tank tops. Also I swear to god if the boat from Thunder in Paradise isn’t docked by this restaurant I will refuse to pay my check!