Get ready for a whole bunch of Jeep waves.

I am a huge Jeep fan. I've owned several Jeeps in my life including a classic 1965 Jeep Gladiator truck, a Grand Cherokee, and a few Jeep Wranglers. You might say I'm a bit of a "Jeep Nut" and I wear that badge proudly.

I've been off-roading all over the country in places like Colorado, Moab, Oklahoma, and Kansas. You can see a few pictures of the places I've been off-roading in the gallery below. Yes, I have even laid my Jeep over on its side off-roading once. If you're wondering, no there wasn't a lot of damage...except to the underwear I was wearing.

One thing I haven't had the chance to do since moving to Upstate New York is to get out to explore the off-road trails of the Adirondack Mountains. Once I was settled and ready to get some Adirondack mud and rocks under my wheels the coronavirus pandemic hit and pretty much shut down everything...including groups that were going out off-roading.

So, that's why I'm so excited about the Adirondack Jeep Invasion that is happening this weekend Friday, June 18th through Sunday, June 20th in Lake George. This is the first time that Lake George has hosted this Jeeper event and it's going to bring in hundreds of Jeeps and their fans to the area. That's a great thing for the area since a lot of other events in Lake George have been postponed or canceled this year.

Blinker Fluid Productions
Blinker Fluid Productions

The Adirondack Jeep Invasion will feature some pretty cool events like trail rides, a vendor area, an off-road obstacle course, and a downtown invasion on Saturday night being held in the Lake George Villiage. There will also be a Jeep Show and Shine on Saturday night at Charles Wood Park.

Most of the events will happen at the 1000 Acres Ranch in Stony Creek, New York.

You can get your tickets at the Adirondack Jeep Invasion website.

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