On The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show they are playing the audio from a story about a 73 year old man who punched a bear to save his dog. I just hope that I am this cool when I am 73, let me tell you about it. 


When I am 73 I hope that I lose my hearing, if I don't I will pretend that I have, because I want people to have to ask me embarrassing questions in a really loud tone of voice, to which I will give embarrassing answers to in a very loud voice.

As shameless as I am now about checking out girls, I think that by the time I am 73 I will be even more shameless, but the trends of our current generations are ruining that part of the dream.

We went from tight pants that said things like 'juicy' on the back and now we have yoga pants, it is only a matter of time before they come out with window pants.

But the shamelessness of this generation and future generations will not be able to stop me from pooping my pants and then telling someone about it in a loud voice.

But I really hope I am as cool as this group of Super Senior Citizens in the video, I think I have the advantage over them because of all the growth hormones in the food I eat.

I hope that you all find these old warriors as amusing as me.

For America.