To honor the memory of Art Bell: the broadcaster who founded and hosted the paranormal-themed radio show Coast to Coast AM, who passed away on Friday the 13th 2018, I think we should all share some of our own paranormal-themed stories.

I used to listen to Art Bell years ago, I always enjoyed his show because I like creepy hair-raising stories about ghosts and aliens and government conspiracies. My favorite was the story about the bottomless pit that people kept trying to fill with garbage just to see how deep it was, then someone threw their dead dog into the pit and the dog came back to life and crawled out from the pit. I also used to love when someone called in a breathy panic from a phone booth to tell Art about some super alien/government conspiracy.

I have been a member of two amateur ghost hunting groups. One was worse then the other and both were terrible, so we never found anything but we had a lot of fun. I have been to most of the local haunted sites with my terrible ghost hunting groups and sometimes we would listen to Art Bell as we were ghost hunting.

I have never seen a UFO though but I would really like to see one or possibly be brought aboard one, keep in mind that I don’t want to be abducted by aliens, I would rather be invited to join the aliens on their cool flying saucer.

Having paranormal-themed stories to tell is fun, exciting and sometimes arousing. I have plenty of paranormal-themed stories to tell but not in this blog, I will tell my stories on The Generation X Files Podcast.

I would also like to tell yours if you would be so kind to share them with us, so what’s your story?

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