This is certainly one way to ensure that your beverage stays ice cold!

For the last couple of years the beginning of the year marks "Ice Bar Season" on Lake George and it's surrounding areas. If you are not familiar with what an ice bar is allow me to elaborate. It is quite literally a giant block of ice that has been carved and chiseled into a bar. Most of the times the ice bars come with stools and some very elaborate designs. Like this one from the Sagamore Resort!

While it seems the number of ice bars and ice bar themed events seems to be growing around the Capital Region I've noticed that there is a very short time span available for you to enjoy said ice bars. Probably due to the sometimes unpredictable weather we tend to have in Upstate New York. Regardless, that small window of time is coming up quick!

Most of the ice bars in the area are only open for a couple of weekends and it looks like this year the ideal weekends will be the last two in January and a couple will be open the beginning of February. has put together a nice list of where and when you can visit an ice bar  in the Capital Region this season. Check it out and maybe I'll see you there!