This is an example of what happens when the perfect mix of lucha libre meets shenanigans and I’m pretty sure it classifies as some sort of hate crime.

 When two dudes who have ice cream cones as heads get in a wrestling ring with old fashion gentlemen everybody wins. The place to see this kind dairy filled fun is Chikara.

Chikara is professional wrestling with a comic book feel mixed with luch libre acrobatics and a side of immersive theater. So if the idea of seeing arctic beasts, an Egyptian pharos and preo wrestling ants all lock horns, perhaps you should take a look at a few more videos below. Or better yet maybe plan a road trip because there are two shows close to the Albany area this weekend.

This is your chance to see Ckikara live and experience it firsthand. Matches with characters like you’ve never seen and wrestling moves you can barley comprehend. Ok maybe your brain can handle the in ring action, but you’re most likely going to still be impressed. Also if you check out the show in South Windsor, you may or may not see a familiar handsome face. I’m not saying, I’m just saying.