It's Tuesday, which means that music stores across the country are getting brand new records and there are a couple I am very excited about.


British heavy metal legends Iron Maiden have a brand new compilation out today that showcases their best stuff from 1990-2010.  From Fear To Eternity is finally in stores, and it has some pretty awesome stuff on it including some of Maidens award winning work from the early 2000's.

If you're looking for the works of Maiden lead singer Blaze Bayley (took over for Bruce Dickinson from 1993-99) you'll have to keep looking.  Maiden has erased him from the record books so to speak.  Tracks that would have featured Bayley will not be found but instead you'll find live tracks with Dickinson on vocals.  Three different ways to get this album:  Double CD set, Triple Vinyl set and of course digital download.  You can shop for these right on Iron Maidens website.


Indie rock quartet, the Arctic Monkeys have a new album out as well.  Suck It and See is the fourth studio album by the band and follows up their 2009 album Humbug.

It's a little bit more poppy sounding than their last album, but from what I have heard so far it is a really good album.  The single 'Brick by Brick' was released back in March as a tease for the new album.  The latest single 'Don't Sit Down Cause I've Moved Your Chair' was made available in limited release as part of Record Store Day in April, but was officially released last week.

If you are a fan of this band you will definitely like this album, actually you will most likely love it.  It sounds like the Arctic Monkeys of old and that's something that everyone can appreciate.