When Brian Johnson had to "retire" from AC/DC becuase of his hearing issues I really though this was the end of ever seeing the band tour again. Then Axl Rose stepped in to sing. It was cool, but it wasn't the same without Brian Johnson.

Late last year pictures popped up of Brian Johnson and Angus Young outside a recording studio. The rumor mill went into overdrive with talk of a new album. It was later confirmed that the band was recording new music with Brian Johnson and old tracks that Malcum Young had recorded before his death. So far we haven't heard anything from these sessions and haven't heard anything about a new record release.

On Friday last week we started hearing rumors that AC/DC will announce a tour very soon...maybe today, they've posted a notice acknowledging the 40th anniversary of their sixth studio album, Highway to Hell, with the caption, "Celebrate with us all month long." Believe me as soon as we hear something we will be passing it along...especially if there's a Capitol District date.

Highway to Hell was released on July 27th, 1979 and was the last studio album to feature late singer
 Bon Scott.