I have been really sick and moody for the last 3 or 4 days. The nauseousness is especially bad in the morning.



I was so sick the other day that Sean found me outside trying to get some air.

This is Sean:


It took him a while before he came to the conclusion that the Detroit Lions will probably win a Super Bowl before the Philadelphia Eagles, and then he decided that I was pregnant.

It was not the nachos from Sunday night, or the beer, it could not of been the chicken nugget and two day old pizza sandwich and Chimichanga from Monday night, or the late night peanut butter and jelly on an english muffin from Tuesday night.

Here is the trouble, I am male, but Science?!?!

Shoot... Who even says 'Shoot' anymore?

Zookeepers in Cincinnati?

Too soon?

I have a son, who did not want to go to Teeball practice yesterday, but in his defense he just turned 4 and in this past year alone my wife has signed him up for Hockey, TeeBall and Karate.

I like the Karate classes because I am learning so much from my son, and he says I am his best student.

So, Sean suggested I take a pregnancy test and no one cared.



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