Some people open their pool Memorial Day Weekend.

My apartment complex opened their pool yesterday and I literally hopped in with my son. I seemed to be the only adult swimming and the only adult male brave enough to take off his shirt, I am not proud of my beer gut, but it’s proud of me so I feel guilty if I don’t show people.

Some people wait until June to open their pool and some people wait until the real first day of Summer.

Adults will probably complain that the water is too cold or that it’s not hot enough outside to open the pool, kids don’t seem to care ether way.

I am not too familiar with ocean or lake swimming season, I imagine that the water is still too cold but I am probably wrong.

I don’t go swimming in lakes too often because sitting bodies of water scare me, the ocean does not scare me even though it’s more dangerous then a lake. I don’t get to go to the ocean too often though so I would not know if the water is still too cold.

I know that a swimming pool is technically a sitting body of water and that I am contradicting myself but a swimming pool is a controlled body of water, unless someone does not take care of it.

So the question is: Is it time to go swimming yet?

Personally I say it is, if the pool is ready then it’s ready hop in but no running.

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