I'll say this up front, I may be biased but this is totally my new favorite Whitesnake reenactment video ...

So I was scrolling through my Instagram feed the other day and I came across a video that my girl Jaime posted of her reenacting Whitesnakes music video for "Here I Go Again" on the hood of her car in the middle of a busy street and I could not stop laughing!

The story goes, it came time to sell her baby. Her first car ever. Not only was it was it an awesome ride but the two of them shared so many good times and good memories. So she felt it only fitting to pay tribute to her ride and those memories.  The only way she felt she could do so was to reenact Whitesnakes "Here I Go Again" video right then and there!

Obviously, there wasn't a lot of time for rehearsals and there wasn't really a budget for props so Jaime and her videographer had to make due with what they had on hand. You'll see what I mean when you watch the video below...

Ha ha ha I literally laugh out loud every time I watch this video! As you could see things did not exactly end well in this video. Had they contacted Tawny Kitaen before hand she may have warned her that those windshield wipers can totally leave a mark! In the original video Tawny just kind of rolls around on the hood and hangs out the windows (of course that could be because neither of the rides she was rolling on had sun roofs but that's completely besides the point).

In the end my friend now has not only an epic video to remember her first ride but a nice little reminder from a windshield wiper on her person as well!

What do you think? Is this the BEST or WORST Whitesnake reenactment video ever?!?!