It's a gloomy, grey Monday morning in the middle of October it reminds me of the opening scene to a scary movie, so why not share some ghost stories?

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I have never lived in a haunted house because my family was the first family to live in every house that we have lived in, I have stayed in houses that I thought were haunted but I could never confirm my suspicions with any fancy equipment.

Some people consider me to be a psychic medium because I have in the past communicated with ghosts, my credibility is questionable because of my methods but one particular family insisted that I was indeed communicating with the ghost of another family member. Other then that one time, and to make a long story short, I have visited all of the most infamous local haunted places, I ether have a hyper active imagination or I can see paranormal entities and communicate with them, the worst part is when they haunt your dreams.


I thought that my new apartment was haunted and that I have scared away the ghost or ghosts because I watch too much WWE Network, not to mention Raw and Smackdown, collectively I watch 10 - 12 hours of wrestling a week. Or the ghost could of picked up on the fact that I am a Lions fan and is deciding not to haunt me out of pity.