Seneca Fall is about as close as you can get to Bedford Falls from "It's a Wonderful Life". Unfortunately this year you'll have to experience it through the eyes of George Bailey from your computer.

Although, the fictional Bedford Falls from the beloved Christmas film isn't based on Seneca Falls the town has adopted the film, or the film has adopted the town. Either way, the director of "It's a Wonderful Life" came through Seneca Falls in 1945 while promoting the film and have noted similarities between the two towns.

There's even a plaque on one of the bridges that reads, "he honored the community, the community honors him'" and that sounds a lot like George Bailey doesn't it. So, it's no surprise that the "It's a Wonderful Life" museum is in Seneca Falls.

Unfortunately, this year won't draw the normal 17,000 people to town celebrating the movie, but there will still be a virtual festival with a full schedule of presentations from actors, Zoom plays, and the awarding of the George Bailey Award.

Anwei Law, the founder of the It’s A Wonderful Life Museum, said that the pandemic has given a lot of us George Bailey moments to life through. Moments when people came together to help each other during hard times. That's what the movie is about and so is the festival.

To participate, you have to register online. A full list of the weekend’s events can be found here.

Hopefully, next year the coronavirus will be under control and the streets will be full of people celebrating the 75th Anniversary of "It's a Wonderful Life"

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