If you’re a Buffalo Bills fan, chances are the “Shout” song was one of your most played songs on your playlists this year.

The long time Bills victory song, which is a minute-long cover of the massive hit from the Isley Brothers, was recorded in 1987 by Scott Kemper and has been sung along to by Buffalo fans ever since. It’s blasted inside Highmark Stadium every time the Bills get points on the scoreboard and after every home game win. 

In 1993, the Bills front office almost dropped their rights to the beloved anthem to cut costs, but the uproar caused by fans thankfully made them change their mind. 

However, hundreds of fans tailgating or watching the game from home on Sunday who tried to get in on the fun and play the song on Spotify were left baffled and confused. 

Buffalo Bills Shout Song Is Now Suddenly Gone From Spotify

When pulling up the Bills version of “Shout” on Spotify, the song appears under an album of NFL Fan Chants. However, when clicking on the song to play it, a disappointing message pops up. 

Bills Shout Song Spotify screenshot


In fact, it looks like the entire album, which includes favorite songs and chants from teams around the NFL, has been pulled from the site. 

We’re not sure why the “Shout” song and the rest of the album is no longer available to stream on Spotify, or if it’ll ever be coming back. 

You can still purchase a remixed version of the song on sites like iTunes and Amazon Music, or you can play a video of it on YouTube.

But for fans who rely on Spotify for their pregame pump-up music, this is a massive inconvenience.

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