The Buffalo Bills off-season is over. The veterans report to training camp tomorrow morning, with the first practice at St. John Fisher University on Wednesday morning.

The Bills are looking to win a Super Bowl in February of 2024. They are more under the radar this season, after the ugly AFC Divisional round loss to the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bills roster is as good or better on paper than 2022, but because of the last impression, they are being overshadowed by the Bengals, Chiefs and Eagles.

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Monday morning started off with awful news.

Bills running back and kick returner Nyheim Hines will miss the entire 2023 season, after being injured in a jet ski accident. The Bills will likely now rely on Deonte Harty to play the slot receiver position, along with kick returner, which Harty is very good at.

Bills tight end Dawson Knox was also in the news, as his flight was delayed then cancelled in Charlotte, so he will not be back in Buffalo until today.

Knox decided to let his frustrations be known on Twitter, saying that American Air delayed his 4 pm flight and then cancelled it altogether. He had to stay in Charlotte overnight because of the delays.

American Air responded by blaming the poor weather on why Knox's flight never was able to take off.

Knox said that was not true.

American Air continues to insist it was the weather.

Flying has been a nightmare for many people over the last 12 months, with American Air and Southwest Airlines among the major airlines who have been in the news for delays and cancellations.

If you are flying, try to get a flight early in the morning or midday. Late afternoon and evening flights are the biggest chances for delays, due to delays of earlier flights throughout the day.

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