There are a lot of reasons why we love our quarterback.  One of the best things about him is that he isn't afraid to do things differently from others.

Buffalo Loves Josh Allen

Is there a more popular person in the city of Buffalo (or all of Western New York) than Josh Allen?  Buffalo just cannot get enough of the guy.  On the field and off the field, Western New York has been better having him here.

Josh Allen is a quirky guy

We already know that Josh Allen isn't like a lot of athletes out there.  Sure, he's like a lot of people in the sense that he loves to joke around and have fun.  He HATES losing and letting people down.

He's also a little bit different from a lot of people.  He admits that he throws up before every game.  He just does it to get the jitters out so that he can calm down.  His pre-game playlist consists of artists like Frank Sinatra, Billy Joel, and Elvis Presley and more soothing music.  It's not something that will get most people all jacked up before running out on the field.  So it's not a surprise that he does things a little differently than others.  That's one thing that we love about him.

What's the one thing that most people like that Josh Allen Hates?

He was doing an interview with Sports Illustrated before the Super Bowl when he was asked the question, "What's one thing that everyone else loves that you hate?"

Ketchup?  It was actually a pretty quick answer to a question that would probably be pretty tough for most people.  Has he been asked that before?

Side note, skip the ketchup on the Sahlen's this summer when he comes to the picnic.

And A1 with the fries?  That's a new one.  Anybody else do this?

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