We know who Buffalo's biggest villains are.  The question is whether or not they are aware of it.

We talk a lot about who the biggest villains are to Buffalo.  In a lot of cases, they're sports figures.  They're people who have continually beaten our sports teams and gotten in the way of our team finally winning that championship.

Merriam-Webster would define a villain as "anyone who opposes a hero or someone who is blamed for a particular evil or difficulty."

They're the people who have talked bad about our city and seem to have no respect for the hard-working blue-collar city that we are.  They don't understand what our lives are like here, yet they seem to have a lot to say about us.

Who are Buffalo's biggest villains?

We have a lot of them here in Buffalo.  While they've changed over the years, some names that come up are people like Tom Brady (not so much because he beat us a lot while he was in New England but the comment about how awful it must be to live here seemed to make people angry), Bryan Cox back in the day (he's the one that flicked everyone off at Rich Stadium after getting in a fight),  Anderson Cooper (For laughing at us about Dyngus Day), Jon Bon Jovi (for trying to take the Bills to Toronto), and more.

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It doesn't always have to do with sports, but it normally is.

Patrick Mahomes acknowledges that he's on Buffalo's hate list

During a podcast this week, Patrick Mahomes acknowledged that he was on our list of people to hate. He brought up the divisional playoff game this past year at Highmark Stadium where the Chiefs were able to end the Bills season (again).

It's interesting that of all the teams Mahomes had to use as an example, it was the Bills fanbase that he brought up.  I love that he agrees we have a healthy rivalry between the Bills and Chiefs. I love that he knows when he comes to Buffalo, we aren't going to take it easy on him.  It's going to be a tough place to play.

I'm not as big of a fan of the fact that Bills fans were whipping snowballs at them.  It's poor sportsmanship.  It's petty, and it's cheap.  Bills fans are better than that.  They need to be better in that case.

We weren't ever able to put Tom Brady in his place.  But there's still a chance they can do it with Patty Mahomes.

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